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Born from a passion for skiing combined with professional design expertise in high-performing plastics, Zay offers world class innovative technology that changes the way recreational skiers and elite racers think about their boots. Not since the mid 80’s has the ski industry seen such advanced design innovation. Our mission is to revolutionize the skiing experience by producing the world’s first automatic tensioning ski boot designed and made in the USA.


Zay’s culture is a reflection of the core values our team members aspire to: A Winning Culture, Passionate People, Valued Customers and Engaged Leadership. Zay’s success in serving its customers, suppliers, environment and the general public depends upon each individual’s full commitment to excellence. To create a WINNING culture, team members must be empowered, results-oriented and value driven. Creativity, innovation and personal accountability are also essential elements for improving the effectiveness of Zay and building world class ski products.


Zay sees a vast number of engineering challenges that are yet to be solved and can make a meaningful difference for the people who use them. These very challenges drive our people forward, seeking new ways to innovate, combine technologies, collaborate, and partner with our customers to solve problems. We call it Winning and by following this path, we not only create limitless growth potential for Zay, we also make significant contributions to our world of skiing, for our generation and for the generations to come. Our innovative ski boot technology is leading the way.


Rex and Karen Deitesfeld are the husband-and-wife team who founded Zay Products, Inc. in 2011, with a dream of producing a world class ski boot that features automatic tensioning – an industry first. We have been designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial products, with professional expertise that spans more than 35 years. During this time, we became the world’s foremost authority in manufacturing of insulation equipment.

Our goal is to disrupt the snow sports industry, making every skiing experience enjoyable and memorable for intermediate to expert level skiers. Under our leadership, Zay’s World Class ski boot has been tested by more than 23 professionals (Olympian, World Cup, PSIA and others) and won numerous awards for design, innovation and best in class — with over 2,000 days of use, proving durability and market readiness. Zay has redefined the possibilities of the ski boot for comfort, warmth and performance.


Zay’s goal is to actively engage with customers and shareholders through social media outlets including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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